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I’m sorry but I am moving my blog to because I put the Google Authenticator on it and for some reason I couldn’t get on it on my phone. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you all join me at my new blog. I promise it won’t happen again. Thanks!


Pure Ice: Splash!


Just got this nail polish yesterday by Pure Ice. Most of the polish colors I saw had an icy look to them. I absolutely love this color. It is so cool and sparkly and it makes me feel fresh and clean like some mint or some really cool water. I feel refreshed and alive because of this color.




I think you all should try it. It’s a brilliant color that will take an outfit to the next level. I do suggest to apply it three times and  apply a base and a top coat. Enjoy your nail art! 🙂


             Dhorine Janvier

Back-to-School: School Supplies Essentials

‘Back to School’ by Avolore is available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at

It seems like just yesterday, and we finally got out of school. We put away our books, through away old supplies and went to the beach, or went on vacation, or just stayed home. (Nothings wrong with that. That’s what I did for most of the summer.) But no matter how you celebrated summer, or what you did or didn’t do. Schools coming back and we need to ready. I don’t know if this is strange but I absolutely love back to school shopping. One of my favorite things to do during the summer. No matter what, I’m always super excited about getting school supplies and I would love to share my back-to-school excitement with you so let’s get started.
1. Pencils (obviously) for doing homework, taking test, writing
2. Pens- Black, blue and read: many teachers only allow those colors, you can get different colors to write your personal notes and to write in your planner
3. Filler paper- I personally like filler paper foe homework and things I have to turn in.
4. Notebooks- I like these for writing notes.
5. Binders
6. Dividers
7. 3-ring binder 3-hole punch
8. Folders
9. Composition Book
10. Calculator- 4 function for elementary and middle school, scientific or graph for high school
11. Post-it-notes
12. Highlighers
13. Planner
14. Stapler
15. Index Card
16. Printer*
17. Printer paper*
18. Ink*
19. USB Flash drive
Supplementary Supplies: These are for creative ways to decorate, fo projects and study.
1. Construction Paper
2. Glue
3. Tape
4. Crayons/Colored pencils- whichever you like.
5. Poster boards
6. Tri-fold
7. Decorative paper

* these are needed for high school students more than any other student. If you can’t use these. Go to your school library.

Remember, all school supplies have different designs. Choose designs and patterns that express who you are. If you don’t find any that are you or you can’t afford it, make your own designs, do-it-yourself. It’ll be really fun and you have it your way. Either way, enjoy your school supplies and make this school year fun. As the Hannah Montana song says, “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock” Make the most of this school year, get good grades and make friends. You’re young. Enjoy it!!!
❤ Dhorine