City Sneaks- Canvas Sneakers


City Sneaks have been around for a while. There are different types but I really like the canvas sneakers. Cute, simple sneakers you can wear with anything anywhere. On a casual day out in town, to school, at the park or at the mall, City Sneaks can go everywhere and has a variety of different colors ranging from black to white.
Last year, I had a pair of gray City Sneaks. They were my absolute favorite pairs of shoes last year because they were so comfortable. They helped me through those days when the stairs looked too steep and the classrooms seemed too far. They were with me those days when mother nature wasn’t as kind as she could be and the days that I was just lazy. I wore my City Sneaks with jeans, dresses and skirts. They look amazing with shorts and can be worn with or without socks. Sometimes I used them as my gym shoes (it’s not like I did anything in gym anyway). They were always there for me and they will always be there for you.

City Sneaks are very fashionable and cheap. They look similar to a lot of the of the big named fashion distributors like the Keds Taylor Swift rocks but they are less expensive. I got my teal City Sneaks at Payless for $10. The ones that are blue, red, white, gray or black cost $14.99 and the ones that aren’t can be $10( depending what time you go to the store). You can get a fun color for just $10. Isn’t that great?


City Sneaks are a great way to show off your style, too. Each pair of shoes comes with two shoelaces, one white and the other, a color that goes really good with the shoe color. The gray pair gets purple, the black gets pink, the white gets a light blue, and so on. If you get about three or more pairs, you are able to mix and match the colors and style the shoes the way YOU want to. YOU make your shoes look the way YOU want them to look. It’s all up to YOU.


As long as you take really good care of your City Sneaks, they will last a very long time. My gray ones from last year didn’t go through any bad damage throughout the entire school year, only the simple wearing from walking with them. All they need is a little washing from the days I spent walking through grass and dirt but other than that they are okay. I do advise that you wear some type of socks when you are wearing them to make sure they stay clean inside because they do get a little dirty on the inside.


All in all, City Sneaks are amazing!! I love them so much. They have become an essential to my closet because they will go with everything. They are inexpensive, last long and can be styled in different ways. They are fun to wear and are so comfortable. Go down to a Payless, buy a few and style them the way you want to. It is fun and simple, just like the shoes.Make the most out of and enjoy them. Live them up.


My old City Sneaks. Just need a quick clean.


Orange City Sneaks


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