Perfectly Blue


Just got a new bag today and I absolutely love it. You know that feeling you get when you find something you’ve been looking for. You run to it, trampling anyone who gets in your way and when you finally get to it, you cry, kiss and hold on to it for dear life and never let it go. Okay, okay. A little bit of an exaggeration. There was no trampling but I did kiss it and I held on to it for a while. Other than that, I was totally under contol.


This turquoise bag has completed so many of my dream, you won’t believe it. I will wear it as much as I can because it is simply my favorite bag so far. It’s bold color, beautiful shape and multiple compartments makes it so reliable and stylish. It will light up the room no matter where it is. It’s so bright and beautiful it can make the grumpiest grouch happy.



So obviously, I L-O-V-E this bag and will try to add it to as many outfits as I can. Since I want all of you to have this amazingly glorious, radiant, exquisite bag, I’ll tell you that my mom found this at CATO. So go tear down a CATO store right now. It’ll totally be worth it.
*ForeverCollect is not responsible for any demolition of any of the CATO stores. It is totally CATO’s fault for having such a gorgeous bag*


Thanks for reading. Love you all and stay stylish ;).
From your friend,
Dhorine Janvier


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