New Blog Forever Fashion Collected

I’m sorry but I am moving my blog to because I put the Google Authenticator on it and for some reason I couldn’t get on it on my phone. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you all join me at my new blog. I promise it won’t happen again. Thanks!


Back-To-School Series August 5th- August 10th

Starting August 5th I will be doing a back-to-school series. This will include school supplies, organization tips and back-to-school fashion essentials. I will be also posting things that students going into their junior year of high school, like me, should know and be prepared for. Then, August 19th, my first day of school, I will do an outfit of the day (#OOTD) for the first day of school and that will kick of my Outfits-of-the-Week (#OOTW) series. Soooo excited 😉 Stay tuned!!!


Hey everyone!!! I am the founder and writer of ForeverCollect, my fashion blog. I am ready to get into the fashion business. Fashion is a way to describe yourself and show people who you are. I made this blog so I can have my say in fashion and help others find what they like, what they don’t what they want and find out who they are. My blog will include DIYs, OOTDs, OOTWs and many more. So come and check out my blog and support me on my journey as I find who I am and help others find themselves. Get ready to have you world rocked by the amazing styles and fashions that are put out into the world.

Love you all,

Dhorine Janvier